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Dagens tema: EU-konstitusjonen og britisk snuoperasjon

"If there are further steps to European integration, the people should have their say at a general election or in a referendum."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Labour Prime Minister. In 1997, when the EU Constitution was just a twinkle i
in a Europhile dinner party's eye, Tony Blair thought he was immortal and could sell the British pubic anything. ~~~~~~

"I see no case for having a referendum on the new EU Constitution. We don't govern this country by referendum."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Prime Minister. May 2003, when the Constitution was becoming a reality, and it had become obvious that the country wouldn't swallow it. Still using the Royal "we"... ~~~~~

"It's a combination of a tidying-up exercise ... and reform."

"Those who are starting off on a campaign for a referendum might as well put away their placards and stop wasting their money because we are not going to do it."
~~~~~~~~Peter Hain, Labour Minister for Europe and negotiator on the Constitutional Convention, being interviewed by Jeremy Vine on the BBC's Politics Show, 18 May 2003. ~~~~~

"There will not be a referendum. The reason is that the constitution does not fundamentally change the relationship between the UK and the EU."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, October 2003. Wriggle, wriggle, wiggle, wiggle.

"Our policy has not changed and if there is any question of it changing, we will tell you."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, 17 April 2003. Does Blair actually lie, or does he really believe everything he says at the time he says it? A fascinating question for historians...

"It is time to resolve once and for all whether this country, Britain, wants to be at the centre and heart of European decision-making or not; time to decide whether our destiny lies as a leading partner and ally of Europe or on its margins."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, 19 April 2003. The man with "no reverse gear" performing a full-speed U-turn, without actually using the word REFERENDUM.

"[If the referendum result is a No,] we will be in exactly the same position as, for example, Ireland after its rejection for the first time round of the Nice treaty, which means if we were in government we would sit down obviously and have to discuss the way forward with other European countries."
~~~~~~~~Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, 21 April 2003. In other words if the British public says no, we would be asked to keep voting until we got the right answer.

"I disapprove of a referendum. I do think it is a serious blow to the sovereignty of Parliament. MPs are elected to give line-by-line detailed scrutiny to documents of this kind."
~~~~~~~~Ken Clarke, Tory MP and former Chancellor of the Exchequor. Showing why the mass of the Tory party and the country don't trust him any more.

"[holding a referendum] is appalling and irresponsible. Rupert Murdoch will decide what Britain should think and what Britain should be told."

"I am not sure that I any longer feel I can sit on the same platform with members of a government who seem so indecisive and incapable of maintaining a position."
~~~~~~~~Lord (Michael) Heseltine, aka 'Tarzan', charismatic europhile darling of the Conservative left, matricidal mace-wielder. One-time Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister. Quoted in the Independent, 21 April 2004, demonstrating his bottomless lack of faith in the British people. Some would ask why this habitual backstabber was sharing a platform with Tony Blair in the first place.

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