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Denne dukket opp i min mailboks. Syntes dene r så viktig at jeg ønsker å dele den med alle dere der ute.

A bunch of Syrian students have written this letter and
they are mailing it and e-mailing it to Danish and
Norwegian Embassies and newspapers.

Here is the letter, pls spread out:

Honorable citizens of the kingdom of Denmark,
Honorable citizens of the kingdom of Norway,
Government of her majesty queen Magritte II of
Government of his majesty king Harald V of Norway,

I believe that I speak on behalf of the free-minded
majority of the people in Syria, as I express my
deepest sorrow for the unfortunate events of assault
at your embassies, in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Syrian people were shocked to witness the misdeeds of
the vicious hands, rioting what was meant to be a
peaceful demonstration, intended to deliver a clear
message that Muslims in Syria were hurt and felt
insulted by the irresponsible racist acts of few
individuals in Denmark and Norway (i.e., portraying
the most important Islamic figure, Prophet Mohammed,
in unacceptable and racist caricatures).

The overwhelming majority of the Syrians condemn with
the strongest terms the assault at your diplomatic
representation, led by a minority of totally
uninformed and ignorant individuals.

I plead you not to allocate such unfortunate events to
Syria or to Islam, as they are the doing of barbarian
hands that have no sense of civilization or humanity,
and has no relation whatsoever with the Islamic
doctrine which promote peace, tolerant, and open
speech among civilizations.

For thousands of years throughout the Syrian history
and for many to come, Syrians were, and will always
be, proud of their unity, a unity of the people
regardless of religion, race, or national

The people of Syria condemn all sorts of violence,
especially that we, Syrians, had been victims of
violence long before the western countries have
recognized it as a serious dilemma.

The people of Syria, widely diverse as they are, have
always appreciated your just approach towards the
issues of the Middle East, and your comprehensive
vision of the situation in our region.

Finally, as a Syrian citizen, who was offended by those
sad events, I want to state that what happened in
Damascus doesn’t represent me or any other true Syrian
or true Muslim, and is a product of fanatic, criminal
and vicious hands, which represent their evil minds
and no one’s else.


A Syrian citizen.


for a details of how Syrian Blogsphere renounced such

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Lasse G. Dahl

10.02.2006 kl.20:56

Det var på mange måter et vakkert brev.

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Trond Wathne Tveiten

Trond Wathne Tveiten

37, Skien

Opprinnlig fra Skien, men er nå bosatt i Bergen. Har vært aktiv i venstre og unge venstre i mange år. Har hatt flere verv både på lokal og nasjonalt nivå. Er ute etter å forandre verden til det bedre hvis det lar seg gjøre.

Trond Wathne Tveiten

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