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Sri Lanka 'facing aid shortfall'
[ BBC ][ Aug 03 12:36 GMT ] Sri Lanka needs massive international financial assistance to help tens of thousands of Tamils displaced by conflict, the defence secretary says. In a BBC interview, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said he expected much more than had been promised by donors including the UN, the US and Japan. The funds are needed for facilities for nearly 300,000 people currently housed in government-run camps in the north. Sri Lanka's government declared victory over Tamil Tiger rebels in May.
[ Reuters ][ Aug 03 12:35 GMT ] Sri Lanka plans to raise $150 million through the sale of two-year, dollar-denominated development bonds to repay investors holding similar instruments due to mature this month, the central bank said on Monday. "It is to repay $175 million of two-year Sri Lanka Development Bonds by the end of this month," C.J.P. Siriwardena, superintendent of the central bank's public debt department, told Reuters. "Since we have adequate foreign exchange, we can manage the rest, $25 million." The central bank will decide the yield for the bonds on Aug. 11, a central bank advertisement published on Monday said.

[ TamilNet ][ Aug 03 12:12 GMT ] It will take one-and-a-half to two years to do away with most land mines and another year to declare the areas safe for habitation, reported Times of India, Sunday, citing Indian Army?s retired Major General Prem K. Puri who is heading one of the Indian outfits engaged in de-mining the North and East. Meanwhile, 82 more former Indian soldiers have gone to Sri Lanka last week to join the hundreds or perhaps thousands already operating under the care of Colombo?s National Steering Committee. Mahinda Rajapaksa?s insistence on ?de-mining first? to free civilians from the concentration camps and India sitting on international intervention raise serious concern in Tamil circles, how long both the Establishments are going to continue the ?human shield? in fulfilling their agenda.

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Trond Wathne Tveiten

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