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[ Sunday Leader ][ Nov 28 21:13 GMT ]
In the dead of a damp, tropical night, a group of six army officers, including a colonel and 50 soldiers, all military police, descended on ?General?s House? occupied by Former Chief of Defence Staff Sarath Fonseka. This phalanx of military personnel attempted to seize the former CDS?s vehicles, and remove a section of his security detail. The General confronted these intruders ? maintaining that he had every right to the security and the vehicles in question, and succeeded in persuading his unwelcome visitors to leave
[ Lakbima News ][ Nov 28 21:07 GMT ]
A few decades from now, one who would essay the history of this country would find him in a conundrum if he is to rely on the official archives... Rajapaksa told a group of newspaper editors invited at the President?s House that the Constitution could be amended either by a democratic government or a military government - an allusion that Fonseka is growing into a military despot. Another reference raised the eye brows of the editors in attendance. ?I would see to that pistol gangs would not roam around the country,? the President quipped. That is an inference to the hit squads which terrorised, abducted, killed and maimed and torched dissenting voices and media institutions in the recent past.
[ Sunday Times ][ Nov 28 21:03 GMT ]
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) remains undecided on extending support to either of the two main presidential candidates. TNA Parliamentary Group leader R. Sampanthan told the Sunday Times, ?We are monitoring the situation. We are yet to take a decision on the matter?. He said consultations with other political parties too were in progress. However, the Sunday Times learns that some members of the TNA are pushing for a common Tamil candidate. These members have pointed out that supporting President Mahinda Rajapaksa or General (retd.) Sarath Fonseka will not be useful for the Tamils. They claim there is a possibility of some of the voters boycotting elections.
[ Lakbima News ][ Nov 28 21:03 GMT ]
If you were Tamil, who would you vote for: Mahinda Rajapaksa or Sarath Fonseka? Many Tamils are already saying: ?Neither?. Every time he makes a speech of relative importance, it has become President Rajapaksa?s habit to speak a few reconciliatory sentences in Tamil. The masterstroke of a genius publicist, this little trick has regularly helped lace his otherwise nationalist utterances with a multiethnic flavour. But President Rajapaksa will need now more than an elementary grasp of the Tamil language - and a pair of teleprompters - to scrape through the election that he chose to call two years ahead of time.
[ Sunday Times ][ Nov 28 21:02 GMT ]

Inmates of IDP camps would be free to leave from Tuesday onwards without any condition being imposed on when they should return, with the camps being declared as ?open camps.? There will be no restrictions imposed on the duration of their absence from the camps as well. The Government has declared that anyone would be able to leave the camps once they have given their personal details to the camp authorities when they would be given a token which needs to be returned upon coming back to camp.
[ Globe and Mail ][ Nov 28 19:32 GMT ]
The day-long event at a sprawling banquet hall in Brampton went smoothly yesterday despite the arrest of Sebastian Seeman, a firebrand Tiger sympathizer brought from India earlier in the week. This year, he said, organizers met with officials from CSIS, the RCMP, Toronto and Peel police officials a month in advance and secured a non-harassment pledge in exchange for assurances that Tamils would not use the event to raise money for the Tigers, which is illegal given their terrorist designation. A Peel police spokesman said officers were aware of the event and would be "monitoring" it for criminal activity, but planned no disruptive action.
[ TamilNet ][ Nov 28 13:41 GMT ]
A Tamil candidature in the presidential elections, proposing a political solution deviating from the goals of Tamil nationalism, is a tactic to bind and nullify the aspirations of Eezham Tamils, writes TamilNet political commentator in Colombo. In the current circumstances, Tamils naturally boiling with anger about both the main candidates are most likely to cast their votes en masse to any respectable Tamil candidate. But it is an artful move to get a mandate by stealth from the surviving people of the North and East for dropping the fundamentals of Tamil nationalism set earlier in 1977 and for locking them with political subjugation within a single state in the island.
[ ToI ][ Nov 28 03:55 GMT ]
More than six months after the Sri Lankan government announced that the LTTE chief V Prabakaran had been killed, the information is yet to be officially conveyed to the TADA court hearing a part of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. When the special judge (incharge) Ananthakrishnan took up the matter on Friday, central officials filed a new progress report in a sealed cover, the contents of which were not known. As the proceedings too were held in camera, the media did not have access to that as well. The matter has now been adjourned to the third week of February 2010.
[ Inside Toronto ][ Nov 28 03:49 GMT ]
More than a thousand Tamil-Canadians filled the Metropolitan Centre for Great Heroes Day ceremonies Wednesday, Nov. 25, night, each greeted as they entered the Finch Avenue hurch hall by red and yellow streamers and the Tamil Tiger flag. Organized by area high school and university Tamil student associations, the evening included a flag-raising, candle-lighting and the laying of flowers at a mock tomb to remember Tamils who died in Sri Lanka's three-decade civil war.
[ Amnesty International ][ Nov 28 02:53 GMT ]
Amnesty International has called on Commonwealth leaders to press the Sri Lankan government about the plight of the displaced. Amnesty International has a global campaign, Unlock the Camps, calling on the Sri Lankan government to end its policy of forcibly confining people to camps, which amounts to arbitrary detention. The open letter also asked Commonwealth leaders to support calls for greater accountability for abuses of human rights and humanitarian law suffered by Sri Lankan civilians.

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